Company Profile

Mitways Transport& Tours Sdn. Bhd. (603443 U) established with the aim of giving innovative Transport & Tour solutions to satisfy the challenging needs of customers. Since 2003, Mitways Transport & Tours is growing fast in every aspect in order to meet the demand of the fast growing industry with the support by a strong management team comprising people with relevant experience. Our customers are an evidence for our achievement, today Mitways Transport and tours Sdn. Bhd. Owns and operate 15 units of brand new coaches(44 Seater Coaches, 31SeaterVIP Coach & 31 Seater Mini Coach), 04 Units of Vans, MPV (09 & 16 Seater), Luxury Cars. For a purpose of large number of buses, with our business associate, Mitways& Tours can accommodate until 10 buses which can be utilized in one time. With legal permit exclusively from Lembaga Perlesenan &Kenderaan Perdagangan and SPAD; this will contribute an easy insurance claimed. To give some information, our main business is providing our clients with transfer


To be recognized as the most effective transport provider of business solutions. To attain the highest standards of professional competence and requirements. To achieve Real growth. To chart new inroads in its development.


To be the leading transport organization in Malaysia by the year 2020.